Monday, August 25, 2014

Estate Planning: Talking With Your Family

Planning your estate can be a difficult and emotionally-charged process. How does one go about discussing an estate plan with those who it will affect the most—family?

As unpleasant and painful as a conversation about your Estate plan might seem, it is an extremely important topic to discuss with your loved ones. You need to make known what it is that you want, reconcile that with what it is that your loved ones want, and explain what is in your Will and what you would like your funeral arrangements to be.

It may be helpful to have an estate planning professional—such as us as your attorney—present when having this conversation. You could have a family-only discussion first, and bring your family to meet with us afterwards if you wish. It is important to be open and honest in your discussion. You may be concerned about potentially hurting someone’s feelings, but it is better to be frank and make your wishes clear now while you are alive to prevent problems from arising after you have passed.

Thanks to our years of expertise in handling estate planning, we at the Paton Law Firm, LLC can help make this challenging conversation easier. We can offer suggestions as to how to broach the topic of estate planning with your family, and how to handle any difficulties that may arise.