Wednesday, October 22, 2014

“Scams" Targeting New Homeowners

A. Certified Copy of Your Deed.

All homeowners should be aware that, for several years now, a company called “National Deed Service” or “National Record Service” targets homeowners (new homeowners in particular) advising them that they must have a certified copy of their Deed.

This is not the case. The company is selling an unnecessary product.

As the property owner, you already have the original Deed to your home. Should you lose or misplace the Deed, your local County Clerk's Office can provide you with a certified copy to replace the original at a reasonable cost—much less than the so-called national Deed Service is demanding.
B. Assignment of Mortgage.

There are many companies that will send you a notice that they have “bought” your mortgage so you must send payments to them. The letter looks very official and has very specific information, because your Deed is a public record any anybody can see it.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t send any payments until you confirm with your initial bank.

If you ever receive correspondence or a phone call regarding your property, do not give out any personal information or send payment; instead, investigate further. We can help.